Saturday, 27 December 2014

Spent the holiday season getting back into my crafting with the Silhouette cameo - Part two

Well as I am enjoying being back in crafty swing again, I have tried out something I have been waiting to do in while after spotting this when I blog surfing. This one is from a brilliant blog called the Silhouette School blog - click here to take you straight there.

There is many pen holders available out there and can cost a range of prices, just recently Silhouette Cameo brought out their own pen holder that fits most pens and pencils. Well at the moment I personally can afford to purchase them. But I wanted to be able to still draw with the cameo and not have to buy add ons. So when I notice this idea in summer, I must give it try and see if it works for me. well I have finally got round to trying it and wow its brilliant idea..

First off you will need the pens that the Silhouette School states and are available in UK and I have seen them in stores -
Poundland - Poundworld - 99p Store and other discount stores for £1. (Available in many characters and colours too)

You can use these pens directly in the machine without converting them for other pens

Following the simple and quick instructions at Silhouette School blog (blog link above)

You will be able to make this pen holder for your cameo and its not costed very much neither, and the pens I have been using it with are the Bic round stic pens in black ink, but bic have range of bright colours are aswell and available in most stores. 

For the settings - I use the silhouette cameo sketch pen settings and works perfectly with this home made version,

As you can see it does a really good job of sketching and with excellent results.

Hope you give this a try and let me know how you get on it, you will have to be careful which designs you choose like they tell you with the normal sketch pens. But I know you will love this idea once you give it ago.

Keep crafting and smiling and I will be back soon with more ideas and inspiration


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