Saturday, 27 December 2014

Spent the holiday season getting back into my crafting with the Silhouette cameo - Part one

Hope all my friends and followers had nice relaxing break during the holiday season, well like the title says I spent most of the holidays getting back into my crafting and getting my mojo back. I must tell you its been really refreshing to be able to chill out and focus solely on my hobby and its given me loads of lovely ideas that I will be sharing with you lovely people over the next few weeks and months ahead. Including tips on keeping costs down in your crafting as this time of year budgets are already squeezed.

After having such a lovely time playing and designing with my cameo machine, I set upon designing and making my own Peel offs from vinyl that I picked up free from my local sign writers shop. I would recommend anyone trying out the option as most sign writers will give you off cuts of there vinyl for FREE (a word I love to hear)

Has you can see, I have got tons of vinyl and its excellent quality and I have never paid a penny for it neither and if I hadn't of required it, it would of end up in landfill.  

I love peel offs so much and personally think more of us should be using them, as it seems they not in fashion at the moment but like everything, I know they will be back in fashion in no time at all. 

Using the silhouette cameo software I type and weld three occasions I regularly use on my cards, using Comic Sans font. 

As you can see it works perfectly on vinyl and looks better than the ones you can purchase in store, as most can sell for about 50p -£1 sheet, so you are saving money making your own.
The vinyl in these pictures are colour gold and pink..

 With using the vinyl makes the peel offs awful lot stronger than shop ones and would look fabulous on any card.

 Made using cutting file available in silhouette cameo

Also I have started creating my very own backing papers using Serif Craft Artist, this is so simple to do and so much more original. Using A5 document in the program, the paint brush tool and brushes tool.

I will be adding part two of this post next with more ideas and tips to save you all money.

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Keep crafting and smiling


  1. You have been busy Pink. I will have to look out for signwriters! Linda x

  2. Aw thank you my friend Linda, Yes its definitely worth a visit to a sign writers and most towns have them. Let me know how you get on too..
    The Crafty Pink Girl xxx


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