What type of photographic equipment and accessories do you use?
Well I've just replaced my camera due to my old one developing a fault after only 16 months and now I use the Nikon S700 Coolpix Compact 16MP (2OX Zoom) Camera, I can highly recommend this model  as it as so many added features and for the price it's excellent value for money. I also use Amazonbasics Tripod which stops the blurred effect and I always use 2 second timer on my camera when taking photos. I tend to take several photos and pick the best ones and edit those photo's using Serif Craft Artist 2. I tend to take my photos in daylight but at times of low light, I use Ikea Forsa lamp and daylight bulb.

What paper trimmer, cutter or guillotine do you use?
When I first started out in the world of crafting, my first paper trimmer was Fiskars paper trimmer and did use it for many years but it did get very costly when I had to re-purchase the blades and quickly came to the decision to get guillotine, After much research I set my heart on Xcut guillotine and wouldn't go back now. Once you have purchase the guillotine, that's it no replacement blades as the blade sharpens itself with cutting paper and card. Mine is about three year old and still going strong. I think if you want to purchase one today, I believe they have been rename to Tonic which is apart of Tonic Studio brand. I even have a smaller 8.5 inch Guillotine.  

I must admit I do love colouring of any kind but my favourite medium at the moment is colouring pencils, my brand of choice is WHSmith Artist quality pencils, that are just as good as the big brands and these just as good quality as those too. I also love watercolour pencils and have two favourite brands which are the WHSmith Artist quality watercolour pencils and the Faber Castell colour grip watercolour pencils, both are superb quality and would highly recommend them to anyone. Would also recommend a good quality pencil sharper that won't damage the leads. I've used the Faber Castell Silver Trio for many years and believe it to be one of the best on the market.

What die cutting machine do you use?
My favourite manual die cutting and Embossing machine as to be the Cuttlebug, I've had my machine for many years now and it's still going strong and use it with the B plates you already get when purchasing the Cuttlebug and purchased both D plate and the rubber tan mat for embossing.  Also own two electronic die cutting machines which are the Silhouette Cameo and the Portrait, which I highly recommend as in my opinion is one of the best electronic die cutting machines on the market. When I'm cutting out on the cameo or portrait, I tend to use Cricut mats as these work out far more economical, than the original Silhouette branded mats. (Important - if you use other branded mats in your machine it's up to the user to decide, as it can invalidate your warranty agreement) My warranty ended over a year ago now so I use my own initiative. When my mats get unsticky, I tend to prolong the use of the mats by spraying Stick and Stick Spray (temporary spray adhesive) to the back of the media ie card or paper that I'm using. But would advise you never spray directly on the mat itself as this could cause your machine to malfunction as the adhesive can get stuck in the machine.    


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