Saturday, 16 January 2016

Name change

Hello all, you may have guess from the title of this post, I've decided to have name change for my blog, I wanted something more simple, streamlined and easy to remember.. so this why I've decided on so hope you find it better and more easlier to remember. 

Important - Please be sure if you have my old blog address added to your favourite bar, please re add my new blog address in your favourites. Also please make sure if you are already a follower that you are following my new blog address. I understand there will be a transition period for people to re find me but it will be worth it. Also if you were following via Bloglovin you may have to re follow by clicking on the bloglovin button just right of this post.

So hope you like the name too, will be back soon with new post so please keep an eye out for that one.

Thank you for your continue support and hope you continue to follow me for now on, I understand that there will be transition period and it will be most certainly worth it.   

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