Sunday, 16 August 2015

Discount Craft Haul

Hello there, I am bring you a little craft haul today for a few items I've purchased recently and all are available from discount stores in UK. I do love getting a bargain and get more for my money, as the purse does get a little stretched at times. Do keep your eye out for bargains in the discount stores as most of the company's I'll be mentioning do get new stock in quite regularly. 

First item I am going to show you is something that was brought to my attention by fabulous Facebook friend!! (thanks Rachael) she told me about this Crelando card sometime ago and wanted some ever since, but as it was from Lidl I had to wait until it was available, as Lidl bring out sorts of items every week apart of their special buys. So last week Rachael kindly reminded me that it was available from last Monday...yippee!! so I picked up three packs of the cardstock which is 270gsm and two packs of the paper 135gsm (almost like the lighter version of card really) If you can do pop down and get some as its excellent quality and lovely colours too. Retails at £1.99 each,

Other best buy I had to mention was this Colvin and Co Artist and hobby brushes that I'd picked up in Home Bargains for only £3.49 for 25 brushes including the special foam brushes. They are really good for the money and stand up really well and I found them just perfect for me, especially for when I'm watercolouring.

Well the next few items to show you are for my planner / organiser, (yes I can't believe it myself) it all started when I was watching YouTube videos and seen so many planner videos, it just made me want to get organised. The fancy planners that are out there right now, are very lovely and so pretty but are totally and utterly out of my league, so set about creating my own. Checking out the local discount stores I found tons of items just perfect for my planner and suits my budget.

I will be decorating and getting it all created shortly and will do blog post to show you how I get on and give you some inspiration on creating your very own planner.


As always I do leave you the links to where you can purchase the same items, just click on the highlighted links below and you will be taken straight there.

  • Kraft file binder available in store at Home Bargains £1.79
  • Lined ruled A4 note pad available in store at Home bargains 99p
  • 7 index dividers available in store at Home bargains  89p
  • Crafty creations peel and stick A4 metallic paper available in store at Poundworld £1 (will be using these to make my own stickers, that I will be design and cut on my silhouette)
  • Washi tape available at The works £1 for three rolls
  • Hole punch available at Wilko  £1.50

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Until next time keep crafting and smiling.



  1. Thanks for sharing, Missy. I must swing by my local Lidl to see what's on offer there! Maybe I'll get lucky too! :)
    hugs, Asha

    1. Yes I would too, as you can find allsorts for your crafting, Hope you do get lucky? Thank you for your lovely comment too.
      Hugs Missy Pink - The Crafty Pink Girl xxx

  2. Ooh I love the coloured card in top pic.. I've purchased loads of this in the past.
    Always use it :-)

    1. This is the first time i've purchased this card and looking forward to making things with it. Thank you so much for this comment too.
      Missy Pink - The Crafty Pink Girl x

  3. Lots of crafty bargains, brilliant! Can't wait to see your decorated planner. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

    1. Aw thank you Tracy, yes I can't wait to get cracking on my planner too, thank you all so for leaving such lovely comment.

      Best wishes
      Missy Pink - The Crafty Pink Girl x


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