Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Discount Collective haul | Budget friendly| inspired by Lindsay Weirich

Hello all, well it's been one of those eventful days,you know where everything that can go wrong does go wrong. So I do hope your day so much better? Has you may know I love bargain and I'm always on the lookout for those bargains out there.  

You may be wondering why I've added four bottles of nail varnish with in this haul, well I've not gone's just that I've seen a super technique that uses nail varnish and thought i'd give it ago. 
I got a super deal on this wonderful nail varnish, three of them were 80p and one was 50p and all were from Primark <--------- go to the site here ( I just love Primark, it is one of my favourite stores) so I was so glad to get this nail polish for such great price. You may of notice that the photo above as nail polish missing, this is because I when took the photo I forgot I had brought four. I will be sharing the nail varnish technique very watch this space. 

Next two items are from The Works UK <----- go to the site here, this is another favourite store of mine that sells really good quality and value art and craft items for such a fabulous price. So I decided to treat myself to the Crawford and Black cold press watercolor card which was only £3 for 12 sheets, but can you believe mine as 14 sheets instead. Next I picked up 20 soft pastels for £4 which I thought was so reasonable, as you can pay awful lot more.

I really can't wait to try them out as i've not used pastels in years, plus a few weeks ago the awesome Lindsay Weirich <----visit her blog now from the Frugal crafter blog shown us brilliant idea of making your own DIY chalk ink and fixing those loose sponge applicators. Well I just love Lindsay's money saving ideas and I have her to thank for the money I've saved. I highly recommend you take a look at her wonderful blog and informative YouTube videos, I have shared the video below that inspired me to purchase the soft pastels.


(The direct links to where I purchased the items, I do not use affiliate links)


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  1. great finds! Thanks for the shout out!

    1. Thank you and you are welcome! Keep up your great work.
      Missy Pink x

  2. We should go shopping one of these days! You are good at ferreting out bargains! Thanks for sharing the vid and I look seeing your nail polish technique.
    hugs Asha

  3. Yay that would be cool my friend, I do love bargain for sure. Thank you for your kind comments too.
    Missy Pink x


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